Documents required by the banks, credit unions or other financial institutions in Jamaica to process a car loan from a car dealer in Jamaica

  • Proforma Invoice
  • Import Entry if it is a newly imported car or title if it was previously registered in Jamaica
  • Valuation Report
  • Certificate of fitness

Selecting the best car dealers and best cars for sale in Jamaica

  1. Ensure customer service is good
  2. Ensure staff is knowledgeable about the vehicles
  3. Ensure the quality of the cars are good
  4. Ensure all your concerns are dealt with

When seeking the best car dealers to purchase a car in Jamaica, Kingston is the ideal place to look because Kingston has most car dealerships in Jamaica. Therefore, you may find the best car, at the best price in Kingston, Jamaica due to the wide options available.

Identifying a pre-financing- option
Most people would look for auto loans for cars in Jamaica from a car dealership but this is not a responsible way of getting financed. Interest rates are higher than loans from banks, credit unions or other financial institutions in Jamaica. Use the internet to review auto interest rates in Jamaica.

All the best in getting your car.

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Researching on the car you want to buy

When researching you can browse the web and read automobile magazine to get reviews and car specifications on the newly imported vehicles in Jamaica. You may want to tag a car savvy friend to ask about a particular car for sale or cost effective brand. A third party opinion is always great when it comes to choosing a suitable vehicle.

Do your research on the durability of the car due to the condition of the road which you travel most often, a car which is not durable will be costly in the long run. The functionalities are also important when you are buying a car. Fuel efficient must also be considered, you do not want to have a beautiful huge car and cannot afford gas. Conversely, you do not want a small engine car to climb a hill every day or to travel on roads in deplorable condition. Therefore, choose carefully when purchasing a car depending on your circumstances.

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